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We have helped hundreds of families reunite, including some with challenging circumstances that other immigration attorneys said were impossible to overcome.

The government has decided you are not allowed to live in the U.S.  The hardship waiver requests an exception to the law that says you cannot live in the U.S. We succeed for people turned away by other immigration attorneys.

You came to the U.S. as a child or you are the parent of US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Work authorization, a Social Security Number and a driver license can transform your life in ways that might delight and suprise you.  

You successfully became a lawful permanent resident. Now take the final step and become a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizenship secures all the benefits of living in the U.S. and removes the threat of being forced to leave.

Immigration: Making Dreams Come True




Having US Citizenship Naturalized minor citizen A man needing hardship waiver approval

We all have dreams.  Most people's dreams are not complicated: being with family, having a job, having children, owning a house, being safe.  Dreams give us hope.   For ourselves.  For our families.  


People seek out an immigration attorney because an immigration law threatens their dreams.  The biggest threat is not being able to live in the U.S. with the people they love.  They want an attorney to help them because they value being here in the U.S. and do not trust the apparent simplicity of immigration forms and instructions on the USCIS website.  They are right to be cautious. Immigration laws are complex and the instructions for the USCIS forms do not explain all the laws relevant to the forms.  Without the benefit of the expert knowledge and experience of an immigration attorney, people can fall through the gaps in the instructions, sometimes with tragic consequences for their dreams.


People choose Blackwell Law Group because they value our expertise.  Attorney Sarah Blackwell and her team have over 8 years of experience with immigration law.  Clients also appreciate our extensive explanations of their immigration process, our efforts to make them feel comfortable and welcome in our office and our attention to details that ensures no mistakes.  We are honored that most people who choose us have been referred to us by family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  There is no greater compliment to the quality of our services than a client referral.


We believe the best way to ensure favorable outcomes for our clients is to develop areas of expertise rather than try to know everything about immigration law.  At this time, we handle the following types of cases:


  • Family-based immigration (helping people become lawful permanent residents through a family member)

  • Waivers of inadmissibility (helping people get an exception to a law that says you cannot enter the U.S.)

  • Naturalization (helping people who have green cards become U.S. citizens)

  • Deferred action (helping people to get work authorization through DACA, DAPA and TPS)

  • VAWA Petitions (helping victims of domestic violence become lawful permanent residents)

  • U Visas (helping victims of certain crimes become lawful permanent residents)

  • Appeals (helping people challenge USCIS decisions to deny or revoke applications)

  • RFEs (helping people respond to the government's request for more evidence)


Although most clients are in southeastern Wisconsin in the Milwaukee-Waukesha-Kenosha triangle, we accept clients no matter where they live, including other states as well as other countries.


Take time to explore our website.  Contact us today at 414-964-1900.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Latest News

January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!  We wish everyone a happy, prosperous 2015.  As you go out visiting friends and family, please remember: do not drink and drive.  Being arrested for drunk driving is a very serious matter for people who are not U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents because it can destroy eligibility for immigration benefits like deferred action.  A car does not have to be moving for the driver to get a ticket for drunk driving.  If you have been drinking, take a bus or a taxi home or have a sober friend or family member drive you home.  And if you do get arrested, hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you.


Deferred Action: Get The Facts


2015 promises to be an exciting year as we prepare to assist people with applications for deferred action. In May 2015, USCIS will start accepting applications for deferred action for parents of children who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.  We are already busy doing community presentations about deferred action as part of our commitment to making sure people have accurate information.  A key message: it will take time to gather the necessary documentation and some people will have more complicated cases that require more time and effort to make sure the person can prove eligibility. There will be a major community event on January 24, 2015 in Racine. Check back here for regular updates


New Services at Blackwell Law Group


At Blackwell Law Group, we are always looking for new ways to serve our clients and to help build a more vibrant, robust  Latino business community.  We have turned our office space into a place where individuals and businesses can come for more than just immigration services.


Bernie Gonzalez, owner of J&B Insurance, is located in our office space to meet all your insurance needs.  You can contact Bernie at 262-893-1149.  Bernie is bilingual.  He often finds problems with people's existing insurance policies.  People are being charged too much.  The coverage they have is inadequate.  The policy has mistakes that render the policy useless if a claim needs to be made.  Let him help you get the right insurance for the right price.


Fermin Gonzalez, owner of Gonzalez Tax Services & Accounting, will have space in our office from February 1, 2015.  Whether you are an individual who needs a tax return prepared or a small business owner who needs accounting services, Fermin will be here to help you.  Fermin is bilingual.  Tax season is about to start, so contact Fermin at 262-834-8568 or 414-628-5709.


Two other businesses also now located in our space: Eleva Group and Mindmill Creative. Eleva Group is owned by Jessica Cavazos and Crisela Zavala. They are management consultants with a talent for helping other businesses (including non-profits) build capacity to better serve customers and clients.  Mindmill Creative is owned by Nic Quiles.   The business provides marketing and public retlation, with expertise in video production. Nic also is an experienced mediator.